It's simple: when it works, you stay with it! That's why Dab-Row Auto Branding has been in use in markets across the country for upwards of 30 years AT THE SAME DEALERSHIPS!


Steal a deal from another dealer...we’ve got the secret!

The Automotive Industry is poised to make a major comeback....are you?
Differentiate yourself from your competition by being successfully branded
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This is your chance to hear us in action! From "Yippie Yai Yo Kaye" to "True, True, True", you've never heard anything quite like a Dab-Row Slogan delivered by "The Man" himself. Get started today with our off-the-shelf slogans, or we're happy to work with you to create a custom audio moniker. Close your eyes, give a listen, and imagine your name attached to our one-of-a-kind slogans, guaranteed to get you branded and keep you branded for years to come!

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Ken Dab-Row

Kc Campbell

Adam Smith


At Dab-Row Auto, experience is the key! We've kept our clients at the forefront of the listeners' minds by using the right slogan, delivered in just the right way, by the right talent. Our team includes Kc Campbell - 35 years of experience in broadcast administration and sales; Adam Smith - 30+ years as a radio and TV talent and producer; and of course our Patriarch, Ken Dab-Row - commercial broadcasting icon.


Radio listeners are driving! (75% - 85%). So why are you asking them to go to a website, text a keyword, or even dial a vanity phone number? They can’t do any of those things (legally or safely) while they are driving! Maybe they’ll remember to Google your business later on, but then they will also find all of your competitors as well!

Consumers simply Dial #250 and Say a Keyword to connect to your business – via an inbound phone call, and/or a text message reply.  Simple!